AI Frontiers 2018

Nov 9 - 11, 2018

San Jose Convention Center, California

About Our Conference

In this three-day conference, we bring together leading scientists and practitioners who have deployed large-scale AI products. You will gain a front-row seat of the frontiers of AI and have opportunity to network with others who are enthusiastic about AI technology and products.


Day 1: Large-Scale AI Product

Day 2: AI Startups

Day 3: Training

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Conference Organizers

Conference Chair
  • Junling Hu
Conference Co-Chair
  • Stella Huang, West Garden PE
  • Apoorv Saxena, Google
  • Yang Wang, Facebook
Program Committee
  • Xuedong Huang, Microsoft
  • Ruhi Sarikaya, Amazon Alexa
  • Manohar Paluri, Facebook
  • Yuangdong Tian, Facebook
  • Dekang Lin, Natrurali
  • Lukasz Kaiser, Google Brain
  • Ilya Gelfenbeyan, Google DialogFlow
  • Ashutosh Garg, Volkscience
Organizing Committee
  • Yuxi Li,
  • Hui Ju, WHUAA
  • Mohak Shah