We are accepting proposal for AI startup demo at AI Frontiers Conference Nov 3-5 (http://aifrontiers.com). You will have 10 minutes to pitch to top-tier VC firms, including Andreesseen Horowitz, Microsoft Venture, and more. These 10 minutes include 5-minute demo and 5-minutes comments from VC panelists.

Please email your 1-page proposal in Word or PDF to info@aifrontiers.com, with the subject line “AI Startup Demo proposal: [company name]”

Your proposal should include:

  1. Executive summary of your business;
  2. Funding raised so far;
  3. Team and their background;
  4. A link to your website;
  5. What you plan to demo (a link or picture would help).

You will be notified within 1 week if your proposal is accepted (We only send notification for accepted proposals).

There is no entry fee for the demo, but each accepted startup is required to purchase conference tickets (for Day 2 only unless you wish to attend more days) for the number of people attending.

We look forward to receiving your proposal. In case you have any question, feel free to reach us at info@aifrontiers.com

-AI Frontiers Organizers