1. Horizon Robotics - Research Scientist

General AI Lab of Horizon Robotics, located in Silicon Valley, is looking for research scientists with strong background in fields of artificial intelligence. Our mission is to build artificial general intelligence (AGI). We will focus on developing novel algorithms and technologies to allow machines to learn new knowledge and skills as efficient as human.

Apply at: https://bit.ly/general-ai-lab

Job Responsibilities

  • Propose and formulate research problems towards solving AGI
  • Design, implement and evaluate algorithms, models and prototypes of AI systems
  • Collaborate with team members to achieve research goals
  • Report and present research findings internally and externally


  • Track record of coming up with and implementing new ideas in AI
  • Strong ability in mathematically modeling real world problems
  • Strong ability in implementing algorithms and systems
  • Hunger for learning new things
  • Passion in artificial general intelligence and willingness to do challenging deep research
  • Experience in one or more fields of artificial intelligence such as machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, reinforcement learning, robotics, computational neuroscience, etc.

2. Horizon Robotics - Software Engineer / Applied Researcher

Applied AI Lab of Horizon Robotics, located in Silicon Valley, is looking for software engineers and researchers with strong background in computer vision / machine learning and passionate about building impactful products using cutting edge technology.

Apply at: https://bit.ly/applied-ai-lab

Job Responsibilities

  • Design and development of software system and products that integrates computer vision / deep learning models.
  • Research and development of novel computer vision / deep learning technologies to solve machine perception problems that are critical to our products.
  • Optimization of model and algorithms for productionization and deployment.


  • Passionate, respectful team player
  • Strong and creative problem solver
  • Solid coding skills (C++, python, etc.) and knowledge of algorithm and data structure
  • Attention to detail and end to end quality
  • Background in one or more of the following: computer vision, deep learning, machine learning, model optimization for embedded / low power system, large scale data processing pipelines.

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