About Us

We are an organization for Artificial Intelligence and Big Data professionals that innovate and build our success through global information exchange and professional networking, through investing our future with adoption of new technology in silicon valley.

Conference Organizer
Conference Chair: Junling Hu
Conference Co-Chair:
Stella Huang, West Garden PEApoorv Saxena, JP Morgan Chase & CoYang Wang, JP Morgan Chase & CoProgram Committee:
Xuedong Huang, MicrosoftRuhi Sarikaya, Amazon AlexaManohar Paluri, FacebookYuangdong Tian, FacebookDekang Lin, NatruraliLukasz Kaiser, Google BrainIlya Gelfenbeyan, Google DialogFlowAshutosh Garg, VolkscienceOrganizing Committee:
Mohan Reddy, The HiveYuxi Li, Attain.aiSK Reddy, HexagonHui Ju, Magic LeapWeinan Li, Active ProtonDevon Sun, TalkingDataAdvisors:
Mohak Shah

You can contact us at: info@aifrontiers.com or +1 (669) 666-9039.