Udacity opened up a three-month NLP nano-degree program this year. The AI Frontiers Conference has teamed up with Udacity to present a shorter version of the program delivered directly by members of Udacity. The training touches upon text processing, feature extraction, topic modeling, and NLP with deep learning.


While we have seen a tremendous growth of applications powered by speech recognition and computer vision over the past few years, NLP, an area of artificial intelligence concerned with interactions between computers and human languages, represents the next technological breakthrough. Last year at the AI Frontiers Conference, Deeplearning.ai & Landing.ai Founder Andrew Ng said that “we will see a flourishing of new applications just as we have seen for speech and computer vision and which I think we will see more and more for NLP.”

The market of NLP is booming. The largest market research firm Markets and Markets predicts the NLP market size is estimated to reach $16.07 billion by 2021. From a career standpoint, it could not be a better time to start mastering NLP skills.

A cross-disciplinary research field, NLP relates to many problems such as text classification, language modeling, speech recognition, caption generation, machine translation, document summarization, and question answering. It lays the foundation for a wide range of applications — from automated customer service and chatbots to healthcare solutions centered around medical documents.

Enabling computers to understand human language as it is spoken is however very challenging as human speech is often ambiguous and its linguistic structure varies amongst different regions and ethnicities.

The training touches upon text processing, feature extraction, topic modeling, and NLP with deep learning. In text processing, it covers using Python and NLTK, cleaning, normalization, Tokenization, Part-of-speech Tagging, Stemming and Lemmatization. In Feature Extraction, it covers Bag of Words, TF-IDF, Word Embeddings, Word2Vec, GloVe. In Topic Modeling, it covers Latent Variables, Beta and Dirichlet Distributions, Laten Dirichlet Allocation. Finally, in NLP with Deep Learning, it covers Neural Networks, Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs). Word Embeddings, Sentiment Analysis with RNN.

The Udacity NLP training will be held at AI Frontiers Conference on Nov 11, 2018 from 8:30am -12:30pm.


AI Frontiers Conference brings together AI thought leaders to showcase cutting-edge research and products. This year, our speakers include: Ilya Sutskever (Founder of OpenAI), Jay Yagnik (VP of Google AI), Kai-Fu Lee(CEO of Sinovation), Mario Munich (SVP of iRobot), Quoc Le (Google Brain), Pieter Abbeel (Professor of UC Berkeley) and more.

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